Dalgety Herbal Teas


Dalgety Instant Ginseng & Ginger Herbal Infusion (carton 122g)

Ginseng is a powerful root of the earth's crust. Dalgety's Ginseng & Ginger infusion has a refreshing, revitalising, energetic taste associated with the benefits of the ingredients.

Key Benefits of the Dalgety Instant Ginseng and Ginger:

  • Builds your immune system

  • Boosts energy and stamina

  • Fights fatigue

  • Can be sipped throughout the day to keep you refreshed and alert without the crash you get from sugary drinks and coffee.


Supreme rich taste of Ginseng with a blend of ginger


  • Ginseng, ginger, honey and sucrose

  • No Artificial Additives or flavorings

  • Caffeine Free

  • Natural Product

Package size:

1 carton = 18 teabags