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What we're about

Pure and natural, the way nature intended.

Exotic & Strong

Our customers enjoy the exotic and strong flavours from our teas. One teabag can make up to two tea cups.

Natural & vibrant

We use 100% natural ingredients. Our teas stand out with unique packaging, and vibrant colours.

Wide range

In order to suit everyone's taste, we've created a wide range of herbal teas. This makes us a flexible tea brand.


We partner with small farmers in order to produce the strength and quality of the ingredients we use to make our products.

Dalgety's Beginnings...

Dalgety Herbal Teas is a successful producer of high-quality strong tasting teas. The ingredients used to produce Dalgety teas are sourced from small farmers, which creates over 500 jobs.

Mark's journey...

Mark Dalgety read that the UK tea industry was going through a transformation and that more and more consumers were opting for a healthier version of tea. Upon research, he discovered that most herbal teas brand in the market were using artificial flavours at the time. Mark decided to introduce a 100% natural strong flavoured herbal teas, synonymous to what people of the Caribbean have been consuming for over a 100 years.

Mark recalls: "I was trying to relocate to Guyana after completing my degree in chemical engineering. My plans had to change when I looked at my bank balance. With £1,000 available on my credit card, I visited Guyana and organised the collection of 1000lbs of Cerassie / Corilla tea bush. I sat in the front room of my parents house, and using a pair of scissors, cut it up into 16,000 one-ounce packets. I then shipped it to the UK, and sold the packets for 50 pence each, raising about £8,000, which was used to invest in tea bagging technology."

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Dalgety Herbal Teas Timeline...

Today, the exotic colourful boxes of Dalgety herbal teas are instantly recognisable and can be found on the shelves of the major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA Walmart and also at specialty food stores.

We have won a number of recognised awards which makes us one of the most successful established Caribbean-owned businesses in Europe. All of our success is down to our focused and determined approach that helped us overcome various obstacles and set backs on our journey to success.

The future remains bright and we are ready to meet the challenges that our expansion will bring. 

What people are saying!

Strong Flavour, great taste!😍

The Dalgety Herbal Teas stands out with their strong flavours and are instantly recognisable within the current market segment. Known for its unique tasty range of high quality authentic all-natural herbal teas.

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