Dalgety Herbal Teas


Dalgety Moringa with Green Tea Herbal Infusion (carton 40g)

Moringa traditionally suggested to contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium, and Protein. The infusion has a refreshing green tea taste with a mild, subtle bitter/sweet taste of Moringa.

Dalgety has blended the leaves and seeds of the great Moringa plant with Green Tea to create an invigorating herbal infusion.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents the damage and degradation that free radicals cause in the cells of different organs in the body, keeping them healthy and functioning at their best.

  • Green tea has bio active compounds that improve health, increases fat burning, improves physical performance and also has small amounts of minerals that are important for health.


Dalgety’s Moringa with Green Tea is a delicious beverage makes for a light tea with slightly earthy taste.


  • 100% Pure and Naturally dried moringa leaves and dried green tea leaves.

  • No artificial additives or flavorings.

  • Natural product

Package size:

1 carton = 18 Teabags