Dalgety Herbal Teas


Dalgety Instant Lemon & Ginger with Honey Herbal Tea (Tear & Pour Sachets) 270g

Dalgety’s instant Lemon and Ginger herbal tea blend brings an authentic flavor of two rich ingredients of the earths soil together. Each ingredient compliments the other for its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Lemon for its purifying and Ginger for its stimulating properties.

Key benefits:

Traditionally known to be effective against symptoms of coughs, colds and influenza among many other things.


Dalgety’s Lemon and Ginger blend is specially formulated for lovers of a stronger ginger taste. The tea is rich in Ginger with a twinkle Lemon kick-back.


  • Pure and natural dried root ginger
  • Pure and natural dried Lemon Peel
  • No artificial additives or flavorings
  • Honey, sugar
  • Caffeine Free
  • 100% Natural Product

Package size:

1 Bag/Pouch = 30 sachets, 1 case = 15 pouches