Dalgety Herbal Teas


Dalgety Soursop & Ginger Herbal Infusion (carton 40g)

Dalgety Soursop & Ginger comes from specially grown soursop leaves and ginger root. The leaves of this great soursop super plant and specially selected ginger root have been slowly dried to perfection to obtain maximum benefits associated with these great plants of the earth crust.

Key Benefits:

  • Has been shown to provide health benefits particularly related to cancer

  • Good for controlling high blood pressure

  • Rich in several compounds including protein, calcium, fructose, fat, vitamins A and B.

  • Ginger is suggested to be good for colds and flu.


Dalgety Soursop & Ginger Herbal tea has a unique taste with a tropical floral flavor and hint of ginger.


  • 100% pure and naturally dried Soursop leaves

  • Pure naturally dried root ginger

  • No Artificial additives or flavorings

  • Caffeine free


Carton = 18 teabags